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Dec 20, 2018

Welcome to This Week: The Musical, the topical show where The 2 LJs musically enhance tech news and social media stories. We've a feast of festive songs to tuck into, whether you're stuck behind a screen, shopping for high-tech gifts, or remembering departed science-fiction heroes. Includes lighthearted analysis, Santa's answering machine, and against-the-clock innovation. This week’s special guest is Paul Kerensa, comedian and Christmas trivia expert.

The Two LJs are LJ Rich and Leila Johnston. 


God Rest Ye Gerry Anderson Lyrics:

God rest ye Gerry Anderson, Joe 90 and Stingray
We’ll never let those Mysterons… Get their evil way
We hope you’re feeling F.A.B. On Island of Tracy
As it’s time for a sci-fi eulogy.
Oh, too many

Remembering those who thought differently
God rest ye Douglas Adams, though your jokes still feel so new
We didn’t like that Hitch Hiker remake
but we love you
So long and thanks for all the fish
I hope you can forgive

that actor frooom the British office (crap Arthur Dent)
whatshisname off the office tried his best

Carrie Fisher, Margot Kidder, on another plane
Princess Leia chillin out up there with Louis Lane
Oh Kenny Baker R2D2 you were brave and true
Garry Kurtz we remember you as crew
course we do
Produced Star Wars movies
what a dude

Oh Servalan, we loved you as Blake’s Federation boss,
So Smart and cool and powerful
Your passing is our loss
From Blake’s seven to Star Trek we can
Tell you all this day
That we miss you Anton Yeltchin,
Leonard Nimoy, and Ricky Jay
Deborah Watling, Jon Paul Steuer
Gone away.

The final verse is dedicated to a special man
His superhero franchise grew from such a lowly plan
Your ideas meant, we saw you in the movies and TV
We will never forget you Stan Lee,
Stan Lee
You’ll forever live on in our memory


Coding Carol Lyrics:

Silent screen, holy night

No more lines left to write

Syntax perfect, program compiled

Low-key wired in, everything filed

Code in heavenly peace, yeah

Code in, heavenly peace


Silent screen, holy screen

Soft fans whirr on my machine

Crypto mining so quiet and true

All the work done on my GPU

Code in heavenly peace

Code in heavenly peace


Silent screen holy chair

Friends online, always there

Called all arguments everything works

Signing out of mechanical Turk

Shutting down is so sweet

Time to get something to eat



Oversharer's Carol

I took a picture of my food 

And it looked pretty sweet

I’ll post it up on social media

Cos everyone must see

I took a picture of my house

Location clear to see

So now when I say I’m away

I’m susceptible to burglary


I like to share my every thought

And all my best friends news

I posted carol wanted a divorce

Before her husband knew

And when you tell me a secret

I’ll blurt it out online

But I’m still shocked when I get blocked

For the seven hundredth time